Newsletter February March 2020

From the desk

Dear All,

As Winter wakes we feel the cold of the morning air and see the sun peering through the once dressed trees, as we go from one day to another the sun is gradually warming, every new day is a waking moment as it journeys with us through the season. I find myself stirred by the labyrinth of of mystery as it lies ready and waiting to wake with us.

There is such awesome wonder this time of year as we see something new. It’s that thing that might have always been there but wasn’t noticed. Or is it new, waiting to be noticed. There are many things we can draw on as we continue to venture into our beliefs and perceptions. It might be possible that there are paths of connection to spirit that we didn’t know before.

And although we are only a little way into this young but still new year we can only hope for something anew. As I rode to work I saw a daffodils shoot out of the ground being looked at curiously by a small child who said ‘mummy this is new’. ‘I know’ she said, in a hurry. And we are all in a bit of a hurry some way or other.

Now we have had a time of winter’s appreciation, very refreshing it is as well. I hope we move at the pace we have to, I hope there is that slight second’s glance which we can allow ourselves to take. As we draw on the presence of all that is true in the waking moments of all we feel and believe.

I hope that as the winter sun edges it way out of darkness, letting us know there is more to come, may we carry that special moment to share as we meet those who may be new friends on the path of discovery.

Enjoy the daffodils.

Yours with love and care, in all that is our faith and belief.


To our special friend Marie Eastman. We remember with love and appreciation, our dear friend Marie who gave so much to Bristol Unitarians and the Stokes Croft Trust, for many years unconditionally. Forever treasured memories. And thank you for the music.

Divine Witterings 

Our café-style discussion event
first Saturday of the month 2-4pm
looking into the big questions of life with curiosity
Join us for space to reflect, share and make connections + tea and cake!
No need to book – just come along. Everyone welcome.
Unitarian Meeting (UMB), Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8PE
For further information contact John at

This is our brand-new initiative in the centre of the city. Divine Witterings is an informal discussion café – an uplifting space to come and chat about the topics that matter in life and meet like-minded people in the process. Themes may draw on aspects of philosophy, spirituality, the environment, the arts, and science and technology. Each session will be usually based on a question such as ‘is world peace possible?’, ‘what constitutes a fulfilled life?’ or ‘Is religion past it’s sell-by date?’.

During our time together there will be opportunities for sharing in small groups, listening, hearing inspiring thoughts from thinkers and poets and most importantly of all tea and cake!

Future dates:

Saturday 4th April
Saturday 2nd May
Saturday 13th June (second Saturday for this month only)

Rainbow Path 

Our monthly adult spirituality group at Frenchay Chapel
Thursday 20 February – 7-9pm. ‘Living with ourselves’ – led by Karl and John
Thursday 19 March 7-9pm. ‘Why worship and praise’ led by Francesca and John
Everyone welcome 

From our minister 

I recently used these words in worship. They are written by David O. Rankin – from his book
“Dancing in the Empty Spaces”


I refuse to wish away the winter. 
It is a glorious season of the year and not simply a prelude to spring. 
The winter air is pure and refreshing. 
The winter sky has a clarity and brilliance at night. 
The winter trees are pencilled in the dawn and sunset. 
The winter birds give shows of strength and endurance. 
The winter fields hide rare and mysterious truths. 
The winter winds sweep friends and family together. 
The winter snow invites fun, sport and play. 
The winter ice calls for skill and alertness. 
The winter cold inspires hugs and cuddling. 
The winter needs elicit gifts and sharing. 
The winter silence assists in thought and meditation. 
The winter kitchen has deeper smells and finer tastes. 
The winter fog and darkness stir joy and merrymaking. 
I refuse to wish away the winter. 
It is a season rich in meaning and pregnant with the colossus of hope. 

I warm to these words – I find them uplifting at this time of the year when the rain and the cloud and gloom can be a challenge.

Some invitations…….

I am forever looking out for inspiration for our worship. I draw on the Celtic wheel of the year, festivals from world faiths, news events in the media, special days such as Martin Luther King Day, movies and many other sources. If you have any ideas for possible themes for future worship please let me know. It might be simply a poem or a news cutting or a quote you found – it may be a topic that we haven’t really explored yet and you feel it would be good to cover.

If you would like to co-lead a Rainbow Path or Divine Witterings session please get in contact. We all gain when we have a wide range of voices leading us in our spiritual practice. I am usually in Bristol for the weekends that coincide on the first and third Sundays of the month. If you would like to meet me for a coffee or lunch for a chat please get in touch. and 07985 900935

Regular Day-Time Activities at Frenchay

Craft Club: Wednesday 26th February 2pm, Wednesday 18thMarch 2pm

Scrabble: Thursday 20th February 10am, Thursday 19th March 10am