Real and Rooted - A peer social and support group for those in recovery from trauma or distress.

We meet to share skills, tools and resources for well-being and moving into renewed confidence and recovery. 

Each session begins with a short "grounding" visualisation - to help us feel rooted and present within ourselves and in connection with others. 

Activities we share will vary, including: guided meditations, relaxation and communication skills, art and healing activities, chilling out and chatting or playing board games, hosting guest speakers to talk or offer taster sessions on themes related to health and healing. 

You do not need to have identified yourself as having a "mental health issue" to take part in this group: anyone can be affected by times of crisis, and needing a safe space. 

Please just be aware we are not an intervention group and are focusing on both "talk and share" alongside sharing skills, learning, activities and resources and easy social time together - so these sessions are probably more suitable for those moving into stability and recovery beyond peak of crisis. 

We hope to ensure there is plenty of signposting material to hand, for those who may need it. 

Come and take part or make contact via email, in advance, with any queries.

We are asking for small, optional contributions to cover cost of venue and are looking for volunteer fund-raisers and facilitators. 

We are also asking for donations of board games, healing books and dvds and art materials. 

 We are also seeking guest visitors/teachers/healers. to offer one-off themed session from time to time. 

 Thank you.

News update: 

Our first session took place on Saturday 11th July, from 2-4pm in The Reading Room at Hamilton House, Stokes Croft.

We meet again on Saturday July 18th, same time and same venue - to continue shaping and planning vision and format for the group.

After this, it seems likely we will meet fortnightly on Saturday afternoons.

Those interested and wishing to confirm details / attend / get involved - please contact me or check our Facebook page called Real and Rooted.