Rite of Passage Training for the Western Union

The Western Union has identified a need for lay people in the congregations to be trained as celebrants for Rites of Passage.

The human need for ritualization in many areas of life has not diminished.

What has diminished is the availability of knowledgeable 'ritual elders' who understand the archetypal human need for ritualization throughout life, and who are prepared to respond competently and effectively by providing ritual leadership to those who need it.”

(Robert Moore, Professor of Psychoanalysis, Culture & Spirituality at Chicago Theological Seminary)

We are offering four training sessions, starting in Autumn 2016 :

  • Saturday September 24 in Unitarian Meeting, Bristol
  • Saturday October 29 in Plymouth Unitarian Church
  • Saturday November 26 (Bristol)
  • and Saturday 28 January 2017 (Plymouth).

We will be inviting participants to explore the purposes of ceremonies, the role of celebrants, the core elements of ceremonies and rituals (including thanksgiving, letting go, commitments and transition), and forms and practicalities.

Participants will be invited to co-create a ceremony for a real situation that has been part of their life experience.

There will be an invitation to complete a (non-written) assignment before attending the first session.

We look forward to working with participants from Western Union congregations who wish to undertake training to be celebrants for weddings, same sex blessings, child dedications, funerals and other rites of passage.

Please contact your congregational leader if you are interested in attending.

Information about fees and grants will be available shortly.

For further information please contact Lindy at: belindalatham42@gmail.com

The Rev Lindy Latham and the Rev Liz Birtles