Seeking the Sacred: Christianity in dialogue with other religions and the world

This is the title of the 2015 Annual Conference of Modern Church in association with The World Congress of Faiths, which will take place at High Leigh conference centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire from 13 to 16 July. Paul Wheeler is a member of Modern Church and found their annual conference in 2014 had several high quality speakers. This looks set to be repeated this year.

The conference will include:
· Journey of the Universe, a film exploring the origins of the universe in conjunction with the poetry of religious awareness from different religious traditions.
· Dialogues between people of different Abrahamic faiths on the theology of “Revelation and Scripture”.
· A study on the theology of religions and postmodernism.
· Mysticism.
· Hindu/Christian dialogue.
· Buddhist effects on Christian faith.
· Rumi and erotic poetry.

Conference fees are:
· Full board in an en suite room and entry to whole conference - £295 per person
· Full board in a standard room and entry to whole conference - £230 per person
Modern Church members booking before 31 March 2015 - £15 discount on either fee.

Booking forms and further information available from Paul Wheeler, or go to