4th Sunday Discussion Groups at UMB, 2015


A chance to discuss important, topical, moral, philosophical, spiritual or religious topics in an open, supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Our topics for 2015 were chosen by those present at our last session in October 2014, with everyone present getting a chance to submit a topic for discussion. 

The format of our discussion group is thus:

  • Opening thoughts around the circle from everyone in turn (pass option always available)
  • Free, but moderated, discussion using the 'talking stone'
  • Closing thoughts around the circle, without further responses, from everyone in turn.
We ask that anything of a personal nature which is shared in the group be kept confidential and not discussed outside the group.

Sunday 25th January: Are there limits to tolerance, and what are they?

Sunday 22nd February: Should we take a more active interest in foreign policy?

Sunday 22nd March: Machines and technology - are they evil?

Sunday 26th April: Is there any way of combating apathy at election time?

Sunday 24th May: All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Sunday 28th June: Are religions inherently dangerous?

Sunday 26th July: Is it possible in this age, like Ghandi, to effect change by passive resistance?

Sunday 23rd August: Is there a place for religious wording in our Unitarian movement, e.g.the Bible?