Newsletter August and September 2016

From the Desk

Each seeking faith is seeking light, and light dawns up our seeking,
No dogma can restrict; all are in honest meeting.”

An extract of the words of a hymn written by Brian Wren;
sometimes sung in our services.

Dear All,
Many of us will have prayed or lit a candle for the very unfortunate tragedies that have happened over the past weeks. I'm sure we all find ourselves in disbelief that there are people so poor in mind and spirit, that they feel led to taking such extreme actions.

For those left behind we can't begin to know how people feel at this time; the sadness and unrest at the loss of loved ones. As we think of those around the world I hope that our thoughts, prayers, and candle flames reach them in the spirit, and that our own example of being a congregation of a faith people, will show some right and a just way, as the weeks continue. May we be the beacons in all our individual ways, of an example of peace. Amen.

There’s learning afoot: myself, Mark, Paul and Anna will be going to Great Hucklow, or as the locals Uklaww; (imagine the accent); for the ever enriching Summer School. With that we all hope to bring back all we learn to use in varied ministries. For some of us that will be leading services, giving talks, workshops, groups and worshipful alternative gatherings. This year's course is called 'This Changes Everything'. Hopefully as we learn from this, it may change many things for each one of us. Not only spiritually, but personally too. It will also be a great pleasure to spend time with our treasured, and esteemed previous minister, Lindy.
As the next few weeks ahead will bring new dimensions, I hope we can all join a rich and fruitful harvest in which have all sown and reaped from together. As we join and draw in this, in the togetherness of our Bristol family, may we share it in some way with all we meet.
Yours with love and care, Karl Stewart. Chair UMB.
In other news......... Bang, Toot, Ting-a-Ling, Honk, what's Susan up to now?

Yep you guessed it, Susan organised it, and the Women's League held a percussion workshop. In co-ordination with one of our UMB tenants Matthew Richards from UMB. There were 45 of us there and a shared tea afterwards. The national chairwoman of the league was there with her family, who travelled from Bolton near Manchester. Than you greatly to Sally, Jane, Frances, Susan and Anne Butler from Crewkerne congregation, for their help with the tea after, and to all who brought a contribution, and a donation and purchase at the Women's League book stall, raising funds for the yearly project.
With Thanks and appreciation, Karl.

Grace Cooper’s 90th Birthday
Hello All
Grace Cooper will be 90 on Monday 8th August. On Sunday 7th August her
cousin Susan is inviting anyone who knew Grace and would like to come
to a tea at Frenchay Chapel at 2.30pm.
If you would like to come could you please email Diane Roberts by Wednesday 3rd August so that she can give Susan numbers.
She has emailed all the members of Frenchay and UMB that she has details
for, so can you please let anyone else know who I have left out.
Frenchay and UMB are giving Grace a flower arrangement which Diane will
organise and bring on Sunday 7th to give to her.

Rajah Day 2016 Cancelled :-(

Due to a number of unfortunate decisions the usual Rajah Day Commemoration has had to be cancelled for this year only, but the event will be restarted in 2017. I hope therefore to see the usual encouraging Unitarian faces in the audience on 24th. Sept. 2017.
Many thanks, Carla Contractor.



Wed 3rd Frenchay 7.00 pm. Kundalini Movement Meditation

SUN 7th Frenchay
10.30 am - KARL STEWART, UMB 6.00 pm – Peter Bruce

Mon 8th Grace Cooper’s 90th birthday. Open invitation - details from
Sue Halliday 07979 40702

Wed 10th Frenchay 2.00 - 4.00 pm. Craft afternoon

SUN 14th Frenchay 10.30 am - Mr GAVIN LLOYD
Service followed by Congregational committee meeting at 12 pm

UMB 4.00 pm No Congregational meeting this month
No service at UMB

Mon 15th Frenchay 2 pm - Book Club
6.00 - 7.30 pm Group Meditation - person centred, relax into peacefulness

Tues 16th Frenchay 10.30 am Open Coffee morning
Sat 20th - Sat 27th. Unitarian Summer School at Hucklow, Derbyshire
SUN 21st Frenchay 10.30 am - Mr BERNARD OMAR
UMB 6.00 pm – Wade Miller-Knight (tbc)
SUN 28th Frenchay 10.30 am - Mr FRANK BUTLER
No Discussion Group at UMB this month


SUN 4th Frenchay 10.30 am
UMB 6.00 pm - Ms Anna Sherman Naugle - ‘Water service’ (If you can please bring a small container of water from somewhere you have visited this year)
Wed 7th Frenchay 7.00 pm. Kundalini Movement Meditation
SUN 11th Frenchay 10.30 am with Karl and Mark Stewart (Service followed by Congregational committee meeting at 12 pm)
UMB 4.00 pm - Congregational meeting
Mon 12th UMB 7.30 pm. Stokes Croft Educational Foundation. Committee meeting
SUN 18th Frenchay 10.30 am with John Wilkinson
UMB 6.00 pm with Wade Miller-Knight
Mon 19th Frenchay 6.00 - 7.30 pm Group Meditation - person centred, relax into peacefulness
Sat 25th UMB 10 am - 4 pm. First session of ‘Rites of Passage’ course (Please note that these meetings will now take place as originally planned in Bristol and Plymouth.)
Wed 28th UMB 7.30 pm GROUP MEETING
SUN 25th Frenchay 10.30 am
UMB 6.00 pm – 4th Sunday Discussion Group

SUN 2nd at UMB 6 pm Dedication of plaque in memory of Ray Raitt - Service led by Rev Lindy Latham and Paul Wheeler.
The next ‘Catch up’ sheet covering August and September 2016 will be issued on 4th September. Please send articles, details and dates of events and services, to both Karl and Peter by Wednesday 31st August - at the latest!

Summer Solstice 2016 : Once in a Lifetime

Frenchay (Bristol) Meditation Group celebrated the Summer Solstice on the day (Mon 20th June) with one of the most delightful, kindly, sociable evenings we can remember. People built up and encouraged a real fire to grow in the brazier and gathered round it over a supper of quiche, bhajis and strawberries.
We lit candles for our personal hoped-for highlights of the summer ahead. We sang a few songs from the Purple Book, with nature themes. We listened to a recorded visualisation, a journey of the mind and spirit, whilst the birds softly tweeted in the gently rustling trees around us.

Then the relaxed little group talked and shared, felt the sun go down behind the Chapel’s tall trees, stoked the fire with brushwood and logs, noticed the rising Full Moon looking like Saturn with her costume of rings; and were positive, heartful company for each other until the Anglican clock across the Common intoned the midnight hour.

We were fortunate indeed to be able to clearly view the Moon with rings of cloud encompassing, on this special night. The last time there was a full moon falling on the Solstice was in 1967; the summer of Love.

Soldiers on the June eve of the Battle of the Somme 100 years ago wrote of the“round strawberry moon” shining down on them.
The next Solstice Full Moon will be in 46years time.
Hopefully in 2062 there really will be more Peace and Love in our beautiful world, where we plant the seed.
Andrea, Wade, Kaija, Andrew, Peter.

Handing out same sex marriage stickers at Bristol Pride 2016

On Saturday 9th July Karl and Mark Stewart handed out 240 of these stickers at the Bristol Gay Pride march and festival. Mark did the whole march in 3 inch high-heels and had blisters for weeks! All for a good cause. Please encourage your gay friends to get hitched in our chapels!

Women's League News

On Saturday 23rd July some thirty people ranging from age 4 to 90 attended a percussion party led by Richard Matthews at UMB. Many turned out to be expert drummers. Janet Poole, president of the national Women's League, was present, with her cousin Sheila Fitzpatrick. After the raffle and tea we were able to announce that £50 would be sent to the National Deaf Children's Society.

Western Union AGM Report

The Western Union AGM took place at UMB on Saturday 11th June. 30 people from the Western Union chapels attended, and many took part in the communion led by Rev. Lindy Latham. Paul Wheeler of UMB welcomed everyone to Bristol. The business meeting was chaired by Gerald Witcher. Kay Millard gave the secretary's report. Bob Goddard updated us on the finances, and the officers were re-elected. There was a roll-call and chapel reports were given. The nation Unitarian president Dot Hewerdine attend the meeting and led a workshop after lunch. This was followed by a short service conducted by Dot, after which we all enjoyed tea.