Renting our spaces

Frenchay Chapel is available to rent for events as well as for weddings, christenings, funerals and other rites and ceremonies.

Chapel Dimensions: 9m front to back, 9.7m wide and ceiling 4.6m. See pictures.

2 columns in middle equally spaced front to back and side to side. 
Balcony above for rear 2m of the chapel space. 

Pulpit 0.9x0.9m centre front. 

Organ and storage to right had side out to 1.8m from wall.

Floor wooden boards with carpet on top.

Heating electric radiators.

Kitchen up two steps with sink and kettles and standard crockery. 

2 Toilets though Kitchen at back. 

50 mainly armed fabric and wood stackable chairs

Grand Piano and basic CD player available with permission.

Email to book.