10. We need you!

1. Bristol is a fantastic city
2. Our Unitarian Community
3. A Spiritual Smorgasbord
4. A Religious and Cultural Melting Pot
5. A hub for the arts6. The cradle of much Unitarian history
7. A fount of academia
8. Opportunity for outreach
9. A destination resort
10. We need you!

The congregation is seeking a, qualified, Unitarian Minister (half-time).

The candidate should be able to give spiritual inspiration to the congregation and work alongside the congregation in all aspects of this role.

It is important that the Minister will have the vision and leadership skills to sensitively direct change where it is needed.

Chapel Members at a Wedding at UMB in 2013

Job Description

1. To take services at both chapels twice monthly. To be taken in the morning at Frenchay and repeated in the evening at U.M.B. We like to stay for a short while after the services to share fellowship with members and visitors.

2. To coordinate or conduct Rites of Passage.

3. To be passionate about congregational growth and outreach and to achieve this in partnership with the congregation.

4. To maintain an interest in denominational affairs and promote this within the congregation.

5. To coordinate religious education to benefit the Bristol congregation and the wider Unitarian Community when required.

6. To coordinate the pastoral care team.

7. To continue to foster relationships with the other Western Union congregations.

We also hold regular administrative congregational meetings to which you would be welcome to input and attend whenever possible. And we would welcome your contribution, in the form of a brief 'Minister's Editorial' to the bi-monthly newsletter and website.

To apply or for further information about the application process, please contact Rev. Linda Phillips via the Ministerial Vacancies page of the National Unitarian Website:


For further information or for an informal chat with members of our congregations, please see the contacts page of the website.

We look forward to welcoming you here in Bristol!