3. A Spiritual Smorgasbord

1. Bristol is a fantastic city
2. Our Unitarian Community
3. A Spiritual Smorgasbord
4. A Religious and Cultural Melting Pot
5. A hub for the arts
6. The cradle of much Unitarian history
7. A fount of academia
8. Opportunity for outreach
9. A destination resort
10. We need you!

Bristol offers a wide range of experiences for the spiritual seeker or free thinker, a network of which Bristol Unitarians in an integral part.

From 5 Rhythms Dancing to a range of different styles of meditation group; a centre for alternative therapies and sustainable living projects, Bristol leads the way in terms of its openness to radical, progressive spirituality.

All these opportunities feed the life of Bristol Unitarians, and in return we hope to have something to offer to the many spiritual seekers and free thinkers who pass through our doors.